Vehicle health check

We understand purchasing a new vehicle can sometimes be a stressful situation and various thoughts come to mind "have I bought a good one" and "should I get this vehicle checked before the warranty expires"

DS Automotive can provide a Full Vehicle Health Check (including Diagnostics)

Below is a list of the checks carried out by our experienced JLR Technicians

Health Check Sheet for all Jaguar Land Rover models

  • Check security of seats and seat belts
  • Check operation of all lamps horns and warning indicators
  • Check operation of windshield and headlamp wipers and washers
  • Check operation of handbrake
  • Check operation of parking sensors and condition of mirrors
  • Check function of all switches (inc windows, heaters, seats etc)
  • Check operation of the door - locks hinges - door checks - bonnet catch and fuel flap
  • Check brake/clutch - steering - dynamic response and washer fluid levels
  • Test brake fluid and report
  • Check coolant level
  • Check antifreeze specific gravity
  • Check engine oil level
  • Check the condition of the ancillary drive belt
  • Test battery condition and report (tick below)
  • Check tyre pressures - condition - tread depth - signs of uneven wear and suitability
  • Check the expiry date of the spare tyre repair system (where applicable)
  • Inspect brake pads for wear - callipers for leaks and discs for condition (wheels not removed)
  • Check operation of electric park brake (where applicable)
  • Check the condition of all suspension components and body mounting rubbers
  • Check the condition of ball joints inc protective boots and steering tie rods
  • Check for free play/noise in all-wheel bearings
  • Check the condition of all cv gaiters
  • Check the condition of prop shaft and hangers
  • Check visually brake servo hose - brake - fuel and clutch pipes and unions and electrical harnesses for chafing - leaks and corrosion
  • Check for fluid leaks from engine, transmission, transfer box and differentials
  • Check exhaust system for leaks - security and damage
  • Check Adblue level (if applicable)
  • Roadtest vehicle
  • Report any unusual features of vehicle condition and additional work required
  • Carry out Diagnostic Quicktest on the vehicle (email to the office)

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