2017 - ON


2nd Service


Which Engine oil is used?

Petronas Syntium 7000 E 0W-30

Service Interval for this Vehicle

Every 16,000mls or 1 Year​​

Which Parts are replaced?

Oil Filter

Air Filter

Pollen Filter

Engine Oil

How can I book this Service?

What's Included in this Service

  • Check security of seats and seat belts

  • Check operation of all lamps, horns and warning indicators

  • Check operation of windshield and headlamp wipers and washers

  • Check operation of handbrake

  • Renew pollen filter

  • Check operation of door locks, hinges, door checks, bonnet catch and fuel flap


  • Renew air filter

  • Renew fuel filter (diesel models)

  • Check/top up brake/clutch, steering, dynamic response and washer fluid levels

  • Test brake fluid and report

  • Check top up coolant level

  • Check antifreeze specific gravity

  • Check condition of ancillary drive belt

  • Check top/up battery electrolyte level (where applicable)

  • Test battery condition and report

  • Check for debris from aux oil cooler, radiator and air con condenser


  • Renew engine oil and filter

  • Check tyre pressures, condition, tread depth, signs of uneven wear and suitability

  • Check expiry date of spare tyre repair system (where applicable)

  • Remove road wheels

  • Inspect brake pads for wear, calipers for leaks and discs for condition

  • Adjust electric park brake (where applicable)

  • Refit road wheels (apply anti seize compound to spigot bore)

  • Check for free play in all suspension and body mounting rubbers

  • Check condition of ball joints inc protective boots and steering tie rods

  • Check visually brake servo hose, brake, fuel and clutch pipes and unions and electrical harnesses for chafing, leaks and corrosion

  • Check for fluid leaks

  • Check exhaust system for leaks, security and damage


  • Reset service indicator

  • Endorse service record

  • Report any unusual features of vehicle condition and additional work required

  • Carry out Diagnostic Quicktest on vehicle

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