Most Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will require connecting to a diagnostic computer at some point. Modern Jaguar Land Rover vehicles now contain up to 100 different types of ECU's (Electronic Control Units)

DS Automotive have always kept up with the every changing vehicle technology of the JLR range and have invested over the years to keep us at the forefront of Jaguar Land Rover diagnostics.

What does a fault light mean?

When a fault light appears on your dash "colour is your first concern"

If Red then it means take note as its a serious fault that needs immediate attention

If Amber then normally the vehicle will continue to operate but with limited functions. When a fault light appears it will always logs a fault code within that systems Module or ECU.

What is involved in Diagnosing a Fault?

The first step is to carry out a full vehicle scan which will retrieve any fault codes logged on any ECU fitted to the vehicle. We then look at the results and determine where the fault started. From this point we check live data and use our experience to determine the best fix. 

What do we use to Diagnose a Fault?

We currently run four Autologic units and two Dealer level laptops running SDD and Pathfinder. All units are updated on a daily basis which allows us to communicate with even brand new JLR vehicles. 

Where does our information come from?

We have full access to Jaguar Land Rovers technical website which contains all Technical bulletins, wiring diagrams and workshop manuals. We are also part of the Autologic Assist program which gives us online and phone support with technical issues surrounding the JLR range.

We Can Program New Modules & Keys?

We can program all Modules and ECU's for the Jaguar Land Rover range. We are also Security accredited by JLR which allows use to program Keys and Security products.


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